Pink Pigeon Rum

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Pink Pigeon Rum

Our unique and exotic Single Estate Mauritian Rum is just as exquisite as the rare bird from which we take our name.

Embark on a journey to the Indian Ocean with Pink Pigeon, the world’s finest vanilla infused rum with lively hints of citrus and sweet orchid petals.

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Welcome to the idyllic island of Mauritius, once the home of the dodo, now the home of the iconic pink pigeon bird and our exquisite vanilla spiced rum.

Just picture it. Miles of white sandy beaches, lush towering mountains, crystal clear lagoons and the world’s third largest coral reef surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean.

First introduced by the Dutch in the XVII century, sugar cane is an integral part of the spectacular Mauritius landscape. The Island is also famous for producing some of the world’s best sugar and distilling exquisite rum.

Arriving at our sun-drenched Medine Estate, nestled for almost a century between the mountains and the azure sea, you will find some of the world’s finest sugars grown on the fertile volcanic soil.

It is only from this exceptional terroir that our rum is made…

Our sugarcanes
The Medine Estate
Tamarin Beach next to the distillery
Medine's headquarters

Travelling into the heart of our sugar-cane estate, you will discover the oldest existing Mauritian distillery, which has been making rum since 1926.

It is here that Pink Pigeon rum is distilled from the molasses of our homegrown sugar cane. And because it’s also bottled here, Pink Pigeon can proudly claim to be an authentic Mauritian Single Estate rum. Each bottle is hand-dipped with our distinctive wax seal.

Our distillery at the heart of our estate
Medine Distillery - The oldest distillery still operating on the Island
Follow the signs!
Four column distillation to produce a light and elegant Rum

The rum is un-aged deliberately to secure a smooth, light and elegant taste which serves as the canvas for the infusions of the natural flavours…

A unique blend of three infusions: the world’s finest natural Bourbon vanilla handpicked from Reunion and Madagascar, lively and invigorating hints of orange citrus, and the floral petals of orchids from Reunion Island.

Our three botanicals are infused individually before being blended with our light, smooth rum, following the renowned recipe by Master Blender, Alain Chatel.

Universally considered to be among the finest vanilla in the world, our hand-pollinated and hand-picked natural Bourbon vanilla grows in the rainforests of Reunion and Madagascar before being sun-dried and matured in wooden cases for a year. Once fully matured, it is infused with our rum for a further six months.

This labor intensive process makes the Bourbon vanilla one of the most expensive spices in the world.

Our bourbon vanilla pods ready to be infused with our rum...
Commandant Philibert - This French Marine officer introduced Vanilla to Mauritius in 1820
Edmond Albius, 1841 - The inventor of the hand-pollination technique. We still use the same method today
Fresh and mature Bourbon Vanilla pod

The delicate fragrant orchid leaves from the Reunion Island are traditionally used to make home-made rum punch. The leaves release delicately perfumed floral and herbal notes.

Straight from Reunion, our dried orange peel gives Pink Pigeon Rum its extra zingy lift and fresh, lively edge.


Experience lively, exotic and free-spirited adventures through the unique taste of Pink Pigeon based cocktails. Scroll down to discover more.

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Pink Pigeons

Indigenous to the idyllic island of Mauritius, the iconic and endangered Pink Pigeon bird is extremely rare and carefully protected.

To support the continued preservation of this treasured species that our rum takes its name from, we are proud to donate to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation